What to Eat in Miches

Miches, and the surrounding coastal towns, have a specific focus on seafood. The very best from the sea, rivers and lagoons, is fused with the very best produce from the area's fertile lands. Listed are the tastes not to be missed in Miches.


A typical dish from the western Miches coast in Sabana de la Mar, Minuta is a local fresh water fish enjoyed deep fried with rice or fried plantains. Don't forget some lime!

Conch Vinaigrette

Lambi a la Vinagreta in Spanish, this conch recipe is prepared with vinegar, garlic, lime and fresh herbs. Oh, and supposedly the dish has aphrodisiac properties. Try for yourself!


A typical dish in Dominican coastal towns, shrimp in Miches is no different. Usually prepared garlic, creole or devil style (a la diabla) for an extra kick! And, normally served with rice or fried plantains.

Fish in Coconut Sauce

Typical along the Samana Bay, Pescado con Coco is a must try dish. Normally snapper or grouper is used by combining pepper, garlic, oil and herbs with coconut milk.

Fried Fish

Snapper or grouper (Chillo/Mero) are usually the fish of choice. They are enjoyed well seasoned, deep fried and whole! Pescado frito with rice, beans and plantains is as classic as it gets!

Crab Meat Creole Style

Masa de Cangrejo a la Criolla is a well known dish of fresh water crab fished from the area's local rivers. Typically served with fried plantains.