Places to Visit

Diversity that Inspires. Miches boasts national parks, mountains, majestic waterfalls and pristine beaches.

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Things to Do

Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, SUP, whale watching, etc. Miches' terrain is as diverse as its outdoor activities.

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What to Eat

Fresh, Dominican country-style cuisine that highlights the area's rich tropical produce and many local farms.

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Miches, Dominican Republic

Miches and its surrounding area is an awe-inspiring province in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic. Located less than an hour from Punta Cana, on a modern, scenic highway, Miches truly is Punta Cana's Beautiful Backyard.

Where some may say Punta Cana lacks, Miches excels. Although Punta Cana is the Caribbean's #1 visited destination, the land area is flat, giving visitors the sensation the Dominican Republic is a low-lying island. Not true! The Dominican Republic has the most diverse topography in the Caribbean with the highest point (Duarte's Peak at +10,000 ft), the lowest point (Enriquillo Lake at -130 ft) and everything in between.

Miches and the surrounding area is a testament to the country's natural diversity. Nestled between the Oriental Mountain Range and the shores of Samana Bay, Miches lays claim to two national parks, two ecological reserves, scores of mountain rivers, tropical beaches, hidden waterfalls and picturesque country towns - only an hour from Punta Cana.

Visit Miches! And step into Punta Cana's Great Backyard...



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